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Dojo Conditioning Studio is a multi use facility offering classes in Redmond Oregon in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA and Yoga for Kids ages 5-adult. We are a Family friendly with a love and passion for Martial Arts and combat sports.

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  "Professor"JT Taylor (Owner/Operator)


Professor JT Taylor has been training since 1993, at the age of 14 to benefit his bull riding rodeo lifestyle . He began his training under Sifu Joseph Bronson in Redmond Oregon hoping to improve his bull riding passion and instead fell in love with martial arts. His training and competitions has taken him to  numerous states, both to teach, learn and compete.  Taylor received his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2008  and is a 3nd degree Black Belt under Carlson Gracie Master Marcelo Alonso.  

    Prof. JT Taylor is one of the original MMA fighters, promoter and coaches in the North West and has spent most of his life teaching Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing.  He has worked with amateur and professional athletes from around the world  and has helped students compete locally,regionally and national  events and enjoys running fight camps teaching kids classes and hanging out with his family!

     Dojo Conditioning Studio started in November 2013, but JT Taylors "The General" legacy has been in Central Oregon over 20 years. Professor JT Taylor a 3nd degree Black Belt Under Marcelo Alonso and the Carlson Gracie Team has spent most of his life and training Central Oregon area . Taylor has spent his life's passion in all facets of MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu including training, and teaching professional MMA fighters to promoting, pioneering and making MMA legal in the state of Oregon during the outlawed earlier days of the sport. His work helped pave the way for the sport to grow and flourish.  Professor Taylor had a career in professional MMA that spanned over a decade of competing in high level MMA and BJJ competitions. JT Taylor fought for the WEC World Welterweight title in Oct 2003. Taylor suffered losses, victories, and is always glad of the lessons he learned along the way. Taylor competed with some of the worlds toughest competitors including Shoni Carter, Chris Lytle, Mike Dolce, Dennis Hallman, Eddy Ellis, and Brandon Melendez. After more than a decade of Professional MMA fights Taylor decided to hung up the gloves in exchange for teaching his passion to kids and adults looking for the best in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA classes. Taylor now lives  a more relaxed life and now enjoys raising his family, teaching, fishing and mentoring kids and adults through MMA/ Brazilian Jiu-itsu training.  Taylor works as a carpenter during the day and loves spending time with family and friends, teaching, and helping people in a fun relaxed environment. Today we are very proud of the team and the environment we have created. Our gym is made up of people who believe in us and who support the ideals of strengthening today's men, women and kids through a safe, fun, positive environment and lessons that only Martial Arts can do.

We have a passion for life. A lust for fitness and a never ending need to help those around us.


Colton "Hardcore" Howard - Instructor

Colton's journey begins with him being a troubled student at Redmond High School. He battled bullying issues, low self esteem, and a lack of enthusiasm for learning/schooling.

"I remember when Colton first walked into our Dojo", says JT Taylor, "He was battling a over weight, self esteem, and attitude issues". Fortunately for us at the Dojo we thrived on taking in the kids that didn't fit the mold when it came to normal school oriented sports. 

Colton first became a student of 2nd degree Black Belt Professor JT Taylor at age 13, seven years ago he walked through the door at and never looked back. In 2009 our Dojo was a little more of a rough environment filled with passionate, hardcore fighters, preparing for their own individual battles. The men at our gym embraced Colton and looked forward to helping him mature in the man he has become today.  Through rigorous training, and determination Colton quickly lost over 50 pounds, his self esteem soared, and he became "Hardcore". 

After training from the ages of 13-18 years old Colton chose to take the path of fighting in MMA. Since Colton's first fight he took 2 weeks after his 18th birthday he has torn up the NW amateur circuit with 5 titles belts and a record of 8-2.  Now at 21 years old and entering his professional MMA career we are very proud of the man Colton has become. Howard has a bright future ahead of him in the PRO MMA circuit. 

Colton has graduated to becoming one of our instructors at Dojo Conditioning Studio. He does a great job in helping with our conditioning classes, boxing, kickboxing, and BJJ.  Colton enjoys spending time with his family and friends outside of training and teaching. He enjoys all the things that Central Oregon has to offer and you can often find him at a river or lake with one of his students, beautiful girlfriend, or the comrades he has made while being in MMA for close to ten years now. 

Colton is perfect example of the people we love to build up and work with at the Dojo. He was not the high school football star, the straight A student, or the best in all the sports. He was a 13 year old that needed direction, love, help and a team that believed in him. JT Taylor has spent a lifetime taking in young men and women just like Colton and helping them turn into the best person they were meant to be. Howard knows what its like to start out at the bottom and work his way up the ladder of success. Needless to say we are very proud to have him as a part of our team and family.